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  • Baptism Sunday!

    August 1st | During 2nd Service (10:45am)

    We are so excited to have BAPTISM SUNDAY coming up on Sunday August 1st during our 2nd Service! If you would like to be baptized, please click HERE to sign up!

  • Project Barnabas

    Available Now | Click HERE to Sign Up!

    Barnabas was something of an enigma in the New Testament.  His Greek nickname meant “son of encouragement”, but the literal Hebrew for his name means “Son of Prophecy”.  In other words- Barnabas was a prophet and an encourager!  Prophetic encouragement and pastoral care are the two sides of ministry that we endeavor to marry in Project Barnabas.  

    Project Barnabas is about adding encouragement to any area of your life that needs a boost from heaven!  We aren’t here to council, but we ARE here to give guidance and help you to hear what Heaven has for your life and your current situation!    

    Project Barnabas is short term pastoral care and intentional encouragement for the difficult situations that everyone finds themselves in from time to time.  It’s about getting your head above water so that you can start to swim on your own again. 
    It’s about hope.   

  • Elevation Young Adults

    Monday Nights | 6-8:30pm

    Elevation Young Adults is a ministry focused on stewarding revival in our 18-30 year olds.  Our heart is to raise up a healthy and dynamic community of revivalists that are sold out to the vision of seeing people elevated and equipped, so that we can engage culture with the Gospel.  We are a supernatural people, awakened to our authentic identity and empowered by the Holy Spirit to see miracles, signs, and wonders.

    Elevation Young Adults meets Monday nights from 6-8:30pm. Contact Pastor Aaron for more info at aaron@elevationchurchwi.com.