Here There Everywhere

Jun 27, 2021    Pastor Ryan Kibbe
Message: Here There Everywhere
Speaker: Ryan Kibbe
Date: 6/27/2021
Sunday Services: 9:00 am & 10:45 am

When a rock is thrown into an ocean, the splash from it forms a ripple effect, that creates waves from the epicenter. What’s set in motion from that one incident, impacts and stirs up the waters that can literally create waves for miles.

When Jesus died and resurrected, He created a ripple effect for an emerging church that has expanded and impacted nations for generations, “stirring the waters” - Here. There. Everywhere!

This Sunday, Ryan Kibbe explains how the early church in the book of Acts, was born to “make really big waves!” They did and we can too! In our homes, our churches, our businesses, our cities in this region, our state and nation and to the ends of the earth. Boldly. Fearlessly. With maximum impact in every area of our lives: Here. There. Everywhere.

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