Fundamentals - Part 12

May 1, 2022    Pastor Ryan Kibbe

Message: Fundamentals - Part 12
The Other Side
Speaker: Ryan Kibbe
Sunday Service: 9:00 am

Jesus’ victory at the cross made an open show and spectacle of our enemy. A complete and through defeat! So why does a completely disempowered enemy seem so empowered and active in shaping the world today?

Knowing who we are in Christ empowers us to enforce the victory Jesus purchased. We fight from victory, not for it. The battle is over enlarging your territory and expansion in your spheres of influence. But on the other side of that fight, is an enemy that wants to stand it’s illegal ground.

Spiritual warfare is real. But as Ryan Kibbe points out in a continuation of the “Fundamentals” series, often what we call warfare is shadow boxing! When you wanna take the ground back from the other side, you will have to confront the OTHER SIDE!

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