Fundamentals - Part 35 | In ____ We Trust

Dec 4, 2022    Ryan Kibbe

Message: Fundamentals - Part 35

In ____ We Trust

Speaker: Ryan Kibbe


Sunday Service: 9:00 am 

For the world at large, the ____blank above is often filled-in with numerous numerous answers. Money. Land. Stocks. Power. Fame. Influence. Romantic relationships. Popularity. 

Few would ever see it like that or say it like that when fully steeped in it, but their lifestyle, checkbook and calendar actually reveals it.

The gaping hole in the heart - “the___above” is filled with everything but the only thing that could change everything.  Him!

For the people of Jesus, the fill-in ____ blank answer above is supposed to be obvious. 

In GOD we trust! 

This Sunday, Ryan Kibbe unpacks another “Fundamental” on the extreme generosity of our God, whom we trust! His nature is unselfish! He’s a giver and His hearts cry is to fill us up with all of Him so we trust in Him and demonstrate Him to a lost and selfish world so they can trust Him too!

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