March 30-April 5th

ALL Church activities on-site are cancelled. 

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Dear Elevation Family,
As we face the unusual circumstances, challenges and opportunities before us from COVID-19, it is our heart’s intention to mobilize and bring strength to our church family and also to our wider community in wise and meaningful ways. We are refining our focus and aiming at what He is doing! I am hearing your stories and your connection to one another in creative ways! Keep it up! Now more than ever! As you also know, part of our church vision is to ‘Engage’ the culture around us through the mighty power of God. We are actively seeking the Lord, looking for specific ways to reach out and partner with our city, our leaders, and initiatives that we feel called to help and empower people through supernatural encouragement, prayer, time, talents, and resources. Jesus loved well in all facets of ministry. Get creative. Write a note of encouragement to a city leader, health care worker, fire fighter or police officer. They are working tirelessly. Look for ways to encourage them, pray for them, and maybe even bless them with a care package or as God leads. 
In speaking with numerous officials, in the public, non-profit, and medical professions – there are physical human needs out there that can be met in a variety of ways that can also honor our government’s guidelines on gathering during this time. I wish to create awareness of areas we can send our people and our resources to help existing organizations win and meet human need in our region and missional needs across the globe. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are many great organizations not listed here. We may add to it in the days to come. These have direct impact in the areas we live in. As the Lord guides us, and things evolve we are open to fresh and creative ways for God to use Elevation Church to serve our city. We love and are praying for you! Love You!
Ryan Kibbe -Lead Pastor


1. Manna For Life
a. Contact:
b. Volunteers Needed: 4 a day/4 hours a day for food pantry
c. Food/Financial Resource-Needed

2. Paul’s Pantry
a. Contact:

3. Feeding America
a. Contact:

4. Green Bay Area School District
a. Contact:
b. Feeding children breakfast & Lunch

5. Greater Green Bay Community Foundation
a. Contact:

6. Elevation Church WI:
a. Missions – Local, National, International
b. Contact:

7. Going Global Inc
a. Missions – International
b. Contact:

EC VISION: Elevation Church exists to see God: ELEVATE people to a new life in Christ. EQUIP them for His purpose.ENGAGE culture through the mighty power of God!