First Service Back: June 7th - 9am

Dear Elevation Family,


On March 8th, we closed our doors in response to the global pandemic of COVID19. It’s been a long three months since we’ve been physically gathered together to worship God in our church home. After much prayer focus seeking the wisdom of God and His timing, we feel the time is right to open our doors again on June 7th.


For those desiring to worship together in-person, we are providing a 9:00 am service starting June 7th. This is part of our Phase 1 strategy for re-entry. We will also provide 2 ONLINE digital services at 9:00 and 10:45 am each Sunday for those who wish to stay at home.


For more on the ‘why’ and the heart behind our REOPEN ELEVATION process, please check out my video from last week and letter on our web page. Below are the logistics and details – the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ you need to be aware of and what to expect before you come through the doors.



  •       No eKidz or Emerge  services LIVE until -TBD

         o   Families empowered to attend with their children in-person at the 9:00 am service in auditorium only

         o   We do not have peace in opening our eKidz children’s ministry or Emerge Youth ministries at this time, due to a real inability to maintain reasonable and respectful distance with large number of volunteers and kids

         o   Ample notice will given from Pastor Hope and Pastor Lana to all eKidz and eMerge team leaders and volunteers prior to Phase 2 re-opening of those ministries

  •       Parents are encouraged to watch Ekidz ONLINE each week on our website together as a terrific alternative to live in-person kids ministry
  •       No Coffee Bar or Treats
  •       Extra Hand Sanitizer dispensers in lobby – front table/auditorium
  •       We will not require our leaders or volunteers or attendees to wear a mask, but please feel free to bring one if you feel led to do so.
  •       No Offering buckets will be passed

           o   We will provide boxes in front of the doors in the sanctuary that will be marked for your convenience should you wish to invest by check

           o   Online giving is available at elevationchurchwi.com/giving

  •       Anyone that is showing signs, running a fever or has been sick within the last week, we ask that you please refrain from attending in-person services
  •       If you are a part of a vulnerable population please take consideration when deciding on attending church – we strongly recommend you consider ONLINE only until you are ready and feel comfortable in doing so.
  •       We will leave all doors entering and exit the facility open.
  •       Entryways/exits designed for easy thru-traffic in and out of building and/or sanctuary
  •       If you need assistance, our ushers, greeters and security team will be present
  •       We will leave the seating arrangement up to the discretion of you and your family – however we will have a team of people with marked lanyards that are available to assist you
  •       Please be respectful of people’s personal space and maintain reasonable distance throughout the facility, as the Holy Spirit leads.
  •       Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. 

Handshake, Hug, or Smile


We empower each person and/or family to manage their freedoms well and honor the requests of those around you. Some may desire a hug or give one or shake a hand. Others may simply only be comfortable with giving a wave or a smile. Please respect and honor one another’s choices without shame, but please ASK FIRST in all circumstances in order to eliminate any awkwardness or guilt.


Everyone is free to make their own choice without fear and we need to honor and respect people’s valid and medical reasons for abstaining from any physical contact.  We understand there are real and valid needs for physical touch and navigating the healthy tension of freedom and responsibility. Be Spirit-led.

This protects the overall culture of Elevation Church without minimizing people’s concerns in navigating the COVID19 situation we all face.

We understand that the citizens of our region will no doubt be faced with ‘managing these decisions’ – hug, handshake or smile – in their everyday lives at home, work or play, so we simply wish to re-inforce the same freedom with responsibility you have outside the 4-walls.

Ministry teams at the front of the altar with badges after service are available and willing to pray for you –

Please see Pastor Ryan’s video “REOPEN ELEVATION” and/or listen to May 24th sermon “Free & Responsible” on our web page for the ‘why’ behind this and an orderly view of this well-thought out process



  • Elevation Church still believes in a God of miracles, and we will still be offering prayer during and after our services.  We believe that the laying on of hands is still a valid and important and very biblical aspect of the faith, but we are empowering our people to make a choice.  If you aren't comfortable with anyone touching you in any way, please say so and we will honor that but still come for prayer if you need it.  Our altar ministry team has been instructed and trained to honor your choices, up close or from a distance.  Choose whatever makes you most comfortable. We are continuing to hear the testimonies of what God is doing, even now, and we choose to give Him room to work within our services.  
  • God is a healer and He is not intimidated by sickness or disease. We will use both faith and wisdom, with humility to accomplish His goals. We pray with humility, not letting fear stop us nor do we let religious arrogance or presumption drive us.
  • We understand inherent ‘risk’ involved in any form of prayer ministry or the laying on of hands, but one we and you are mutually consenting to and agreeing upon as the Holy Spirit leads.



  •       For those of you who wish to receive communion when we do have it, we have pre-packaged cups in the seat in front of you. If you have any health concerns over receiving the sacrament of communion, please know that we honor that



      9:00 & 10:45 am services ONLINE

      9:00 am in-person service (See on-site signage upon arrival for more details)

      Church business offices closed  (will be open during Phase 2 – TBD)

      Monday Night Live & Equip Nights will remain ONLINE ONLY

o   MNL – 6:30 pm Mondays on Facebook Live and YouTube

o   EQUIP NIGHT – 6:30 pm Wednesday on Facebook Live and YouTube

      To effectively clean and sanitize weekly for our Sunday morning experiences, there will be no on-campus groups during the week – digital platforms only

      Off-campus groups are empowered to choose meetings both in-person or by digital methods at the wisdom and discretion of each leader

      Limited in-person counsel – by appt only at discretion of leaders – we strongly encourage ZOOM platforms if feasible.



Please understand this is a fluid and ever-changing situation our nation faces right now. If we feel the need at any point to scale back on in-service participation at any point, we will monitor the situation and make adjustments. Please agree with me that His kingdom advances, we will not be shaken, and that the greatest outpouring of God’s presence is here and now and increasing. And you and I get to be a part of it…together! Online…or in person!


We love you!

Ryan and Hope Kibbe